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New From Goldwell: Elumenated Metallic Shades for Cool Colour Brilliance

Goldwell has taken their extraordinary Elumenated Shades to the next level with the launch of two phenomenal products –Elumenated Metallics in Topchic and Colorance, and @Pure Pigments Cool Violet. The perfect solution for cool, customisable shades with incredible brilliance and durability!

Elumenation New Releases: Topchic and Colorance Metallics

Three fabulous metallic shades with outstanding cool shine are taking the market by storm

6VV@Pk – Cool Steel Violet with a frosted shine

7AK@Pk – Subtle Cool Copper with a rosé glow

8CA@PB – Shimmering Cool Bronze with a velvety shine

Elumenation New Releases: @Pure Pigments Cool Violet

Creative and versatile, this is a must for every colorist! Cool Violet allows you to create vivid tones and counteract warmth at the same time. You can reinvent any shade with a smoky hue and a greyish undertone, the possibilities are endless.

Incredible Effects with the New Elumenated Metallics and @Pure Pigments Cool Violet

Glowing Copper

Elumenation with Cool Copper / @Pure Pigments Orange & Yellow

Shimmering Bronze

Elumenation with Cool Bronze

Sparkling Berry

Elumenation with Steel Violet and @Pure Pigments Cool Violet

More about Goldwell’s Elumenated Shades

Imagine the most stunning colours you can... Vivid reds, deep blues, fresh greens, fiery oranges.

Now imagine them glowing with reflections of brilliant light.

This is Elumenation... a brand new colour universe where you have the tools to add extraordinary brilliance, depth and shine to every colour – thanks to Goldwell’s two decades of research and development into innovating with Direct Dyes.

It will change the way you see colour forever!

There are three ways to achieve Elumenation...

• Through Elumen, the purest oxidant-free colour offering intense results with exceptional shine and durability...

• Or through Topchic and Colorance Elumenated Shades - high performing, high shine colours...

• Or with Pure Pigments – high-definition direct dye additives for customisable results of multi-layered vibrancy and brilliance

Elumenation: Before and After

Ombre Azure

Elumenation with Elumen Pures

Tawny Blonde

Elumenation with @Pure Pigments Matte Green

Rough Rosé

Elumenation with @Pure Pigments Pure Violet

Goldwell’s Elumenated Shades – now with the new Metallics and @Pure Pigments Violet for unlimited creativity.

Offering you the customisable tools and phenomenal, high-shine results that every colourist dreams of!

Love these results? Contact Goldwell for more info or to become a stockist.

Call 011 312 5070 or speak to your Kao Professional rep.

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