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Keune Educators Globally Certified

Exciting times for Keune South Africa!

The global certification programme that Keune has been rolling out over the past few years, is now operational in South Africa. Eight Keune South Africa educators attended the Level 1 training and certification exam, which was held by Keune global senior educator Eline de Hont.

Eline explained that in order to earn the title of Educator, each person has to pass a theory exam and a practical exam which also includes presentation skills. Product knowledge, colour knowledge, and the ability to teach in a structured way are all part of the requirements.

Level 1 has a very strong focus on colour as this is often the reason why a salon will bring in a new product range. An educator will then be required to come to the salon and demo the colour on models. In order to showcase the brand properly, the educator’s skills need to be top class and they must possess broad theoretical knowledge and be able to work in the correct way. The same applies to a salon who gets a new client in. New clients often try a different salon when they want a change, so once again, colour knowledge can make or break the client’s first impression.

“As an educator, I travel around the world and also teach at Keune’s headquarters in Holland. I am impressed by the level of knowledge here in South Africa, as well as the enthusiasm for the brand, shown by the educators,” Eline explained. “It helps that the distributor in South Africa, Dean Karageorgiades, is a hairdresser himself with a passion for education.”

Eline believes that the focus on education and maintaining the highest standards are what sets Keune apart as a brand. “Keune Hair Cosmetics has been in existence for nearly 100 years. We have always strived for the best results, and we introduced the level certifications as a way of upholding the quality, and standards, that people need in today’s competitive industry. Educators have to work to an extremely high standard and the Level 1 exam is not easy to pass. Our educators are taught how to teach the correct way of working, which raises the standards of all hairstylists in our Keune salons.”

Keune distributor Dean Karageorgiades explains, “We are very education oriented as a company, and this level certification allows us to offer an international standard of certification which will help with the growth of our brand and will mean salons can be totally confident in the quality of what we offer. Most salons have some stylists who need extra help with colour, and receiving structured education from a certified Keune educator will be greatly beneficial for all our Keune salons.”

Could your salon benefit from internationally certified educators who have proven their product knowledge, technical ability, and education skills?

To get in touch and request a demo, contact Keune at All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644.


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