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Theresa Advises: Perfectly Beautiful Blonde with KPME+

Did you know?

  • 65% of blondes visit a salon as regularly as every 6 – 8 weeks vs every 8 – 10 weeks for other colouring clients*

  • A rare 2% of the global population is naturally blonde**yet a whopping 50% of our salon business comes from creating blondes!

Wearing blonde is a deep, personal choice and our clients deserve a blonde look that satisfies them both visually and personally. Just like a picture frame brings out the best in a painting, so too should the hair enhance facial features and complement skintone.

More so than with others, blonde clients demand healthy hair from us. Wella Professionals has made it easier to meet these demands by maximising your potential using the best products.

Multiple award-winning Blondor Multi-Powder is perfect for creating beautiful blondes on all client hair types. Add to this, Wella’s Koleston Perfect ME+ levels 9 and 10 shades, and what you have is the perfect opportunity to create a range of beautiful, personalised blonde hair colours.

The range of 16 new KPME+ shades with Pure Balance technology™†includes blonde shades from soft Cendré Ash to beautiful Golden Pearl. These shades will further assist you to create personalised blondes for your clients. Colourists who create a perfect blonde for a build gear themselves up to enjoy an ongoing relationship based on loyalty and trust.

It’s worth remembering that blonde clients, more than others, are concerned about the health of their hair and they will spend more money than average on maintaining a long-lasting, healthy blonde colour. It is therefore essential to take special care to use the correct in-salon products and to recommend suitable homecare maintenance products.

If there’s truth to, once a blonde always a blonde, let’s ensure it’s always a Koleston Perfect blonde!

*Mater Color Expert research

†PURE BALANCE TECHNOLOGY™ shield metals, which reduces free radicals to better protect hair bonds and reduce damage during colouring and for better control of the right colour formation from root to tip.

About Theresa Gouws

Theresa began working with the company as an Educator in 1998 and quickly became Studio Manager. Between 2000 and 2011, she was Sebastian and Kadus Education and Marketing Manager. Since then Theresa has been Modern Hair & Beauty National Education Manager and travels throughout South Africa to educate stylists and salon owners. Her passion for the hair industry and education increases as she sees people develop and grow from what she has taught them.

For education events and seminars, please contact us on:

Head Office: 021 590 3700

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