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Working On Board Ship: Your Questions Answered - Part 1

Imagine waking up every day to a new, exotic horizon, and working in a luxury spa with an incredible sea view! A contract with The Onboard Spa is the career experience of a lifetime, and an huge asset to your CV. Here are some FAQs about working on board ship – part 2 will follow next month.

Q: Is there an age limit to work on board ship?

A: No! As long as you are a qualified hairdresser, all ages are welcome to apply and hairdressers of all ages are accepted to work on board! Steiner operates spas on many cruise liners, and will allocate you to a ship where your personality and skills are a good match with the guests on board.

Q: How long is a cruise ship contract?

A: Your first contract is 8 months long – you’ll be on the ship for the whole of this time, with one and a half days off per week.

Q: Do I get a chance to see the world?

A: Yes. Your days off are usually “port days” when passengers disembark and go sightseeing – and so can you! This is your chance to explore all the amazing, exotic and beautiful destinations on your ship’s route.

Q: What is a working day like?

A: It’s a long, busy day and you will deal with a wide variety of clients, with an intake of new clients on board every week! Attention to detail, professionalism and personal appearance are paramount, and your selling skills will count for a lot, so if you are enthusiastic at retailing and promoting yourself, your earnings will be substantial. While the hours are long, you’re just a short elevator ride away from work, your meals are all provided on allocated meal breaks, and your working environment is absolutely stunning. And after work you can let your hair down and have fun in the crew bar.

Q: If I am accepted, how soon will I be working on board?

A: Hairdressers are in hot demand on board ship, and South African hairdressers are like gold, known for their talent and hard workingness. If you are accepted you will go through the legendary Steiner training at the Cape Town academy – and within a few short weeks, you could be boarding your first ship.

Q: What does the training include?

A: There is a strong focus on blow drying and upstyling to create styles that last! Product knowledge is a priority as it helps you to retail successfully. Steiner uses premium products so you will work with top professional brands. Your presentation skills and service excellence will be focused on, and you will learn a portfolio of additional skills that you can offer as part of your repertoire on board.

Q: Does cruise ship hairdressing benefit your career?

A: Yes. It is a huge asset to your CV and is very highly regarded. Employers know that once you have been through the phenomenal training, and have had the experience of those hundreds of hours on board ship dealing with a variety of clients and promoting your products and services, that you are an outstanding employee who has the skills, determination, and the calibre to make a success of any future career in hairdressing. So completing a cruise ship contract is not only an incredible adventure and life experience in itself, it is also your passport to a dream career wherever you want to work in the future.

Q: How do I take the first step?

A: The first step is to sign up online here. (website). A recruitment consultant will be in touch asap and set up a confidential interview to start the process!

For more info or to sign up for your interview, go to

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