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Home Bleach Disaster with Melted Hair goes Viral

Of all the “home hair disasters” this one has to win a special prize... As reported in the Mail Online, a teenager in the USA who decided to bleach her hair at home, ended up getting a “chemical haircut” courtesy of her melted locks!

Here are some pictures of the home horror story as it unfolded.... Josie first realised something was wrong when she felt an intense burning sensation on her scalp after 20 minutes. Removing the shower cap, she was hit with the aroma of burning hair! She jumped into the shower to wash it off... and ended up having half her hair wash off, too!

Luckily a friendly salon came to the rescue, and after five hours of hard work, managed to salvage the remainder of Josie’s hair and gave her a beautiful colour and style, restoring health to her brittle, fried hari. Josie has since vowed never to do her hair at home again... let’s hope she means it!

Here’s the FULL STORY.

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