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“Salon Products” – Online Retail Site That Benefits Hairstylists!

Usually when clients order hair products online, the salon loses out.

Or you spend time recommending the perfect product... only to find you sold the last one yesterday.

Or your client uses a homecare brand you don’t stock!

Now, all the above scenarios can be an instant win-win for you and your client thanks to the innovative new site Your clients can order online, and you will receive the profit, just as if the product was on your shelves!

This means:

• No more keeping a large stockholding in your salon

• No stress when you run out of a popular product and can’t get a new delivery in time

• You still benefit when the client wants a product from a range your salon doesn’t stock

• You save time on regular stocktaking and ordering

• You save money by only carrying the stock you need

• The client receives her product through fast, convenient courier delivery straight to her door

How it Works

• Pay a small monthly fee to be a member – sell two products and you will already have earned it back.

• Sign up on the site as a member salon.

• Give your client YOUR unique registered name to use when she places her order.

• A client cannot purchase any products without selecting the username of a registered stylist.

Easy to use, convenient – a game changer for salons!

Rent-a-chairs, smaller salons, and salons in regional or more remote areas will benefit hugely from Salon Products.

For larger salons, the owner can decide whether to allow individual stylists to sign up, or whether the whole salon will sign up under one name and commission will be allocated from there.

Join hands with Salon Product and become part of a future that allows you to service your clients better, and earn better while you do!

Need more info or want to sign up now?

Contact 076 256 1263 or email

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