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Keune Introduces Revamped Styling Range

Keune is proud to announce the launch of their incredible new styling range.

Renamed “Style”, the range consists of tried-and-tested salon favourites, amazing improved formulations, and fabulous new products to allow hairstylists to achieve every client’s goal.

“Style” has three categories – Prep, Shape and Finish, making it simple to choose the best products for each stage of the process. And to ensure the perfect look for each hair type, there are eight different lines.

Products in the Volume, Smooth, Curl, Fix, Texture, Gloss, Heat Protect and Refresh lines all work their magic to achieve fabulous results. The last two lines are completely new and you will love innovative products like Hot Iron Spray, Dry Paste, Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner and Dry Texturizer. Other brand new products include Sculpting Clay, Matte Cream, Precision Powder and Humidity Shield.

All Keune’s products are designed to be easy and fun to use, feeling like a natural extension of your hairstyling skills. Keune style’s chic packaging complements the Keune Care range, while the high-end fragrances have also been updated – one seductive amber, the other fresh gender-neutral.

This new launch of Keune Style will allow you to improve your service in the salon and will also see more products flying off the retail shelves as clients fall in love with their new must-have favourites!

For more info, or to stock Keune Style in your salon, contact Keune at All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644.

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