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Blazing Red Before & After Formula from Hashtag Colour Lounge

This exquisite transformation was performed by Charles Junior Louw at Hashtag Colour Lounge in Cape Town. Here’s how Charles created this fiery and dramatic colour, and the cut that perfectly sets it off.

Photo by photographer SJ van Zyl


• The client had DIY colour on her hair, which was a mission to remove because she rubbed in the colour.

• So I first bleached all the dark pieces with Wella Blondor bleach + 6% peroxide + Wellaplex to keep the condition amazing.... after I saw a shift in colour I applied the same formula on the rest of the hair.....

• Rinsed it all once a level 7 was achieved.

• I then used Wella Koleston Perfect 77/43 (40g) + 0/43(4g) + 6% peroxide and left it on for 40 minutes

• The foilayage was Wella Colour touch 3/66 + 1.9% developer


• The baby fringe was blunt cut short, with the middle the shortest piece. Hair was cut straight, then channel cut and point cut.

Note: A precision fringe takes at least 10 minutes to cut properly so you need to focus and put in the time...

• The sides of the bob were undercut from the temples to the ears, in a diagonal shape forming a triangle just before the ears.

• The back was blunt cut, slightly shorter towards the front for a very subtle “page” look with just 1 cm difference from front to back.

• Hair was then dried before cutting the back section with slight layers to give the rounded shape.

• The ends were channel cut right around the head and point cut it using a triangular movement. The triangles at the bottom of the hair created the grungy, edgy effect.

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