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Make-Up Eraser: Fun, Fabulous Must-Have Retailer for Salons

Lime Light is proud to announce that the famous Make-Up Eraser is available for salons to stock. This retail item is guaranteed to fly off the shelves – it is eco-friendly, super-effective, great value, durable, and available in a variety of gorgeous colours and themes!

Salons who order 15 or more units will receive a free display box!

The reusable, chemical free and fully washable Make Up Eraser removes 100% of ALL make-up including waterproof make up and mascara... it works like magic! Your clients will save on money, products and time at home with no more waste... and it’s absolutely perfect when travelling!

No chemicals needed – just wet the cloth and gently rub off your make-up, which will be completely removed by the action of the delicate fibres within the cloth. It is fully machine washable, does not stain, and lasts for over 1,000 washes.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and children, the Make-Up Eraser is used daily by millions of women worldwide.

For pricing and to order contact Lime Light on 011 262 2451 (between 8am - 5pm) or email – courier delivery available countrywide.

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