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Why Muk & Veaudry Are Rocking the Industry – Interview with Michelle Stanton

(Founder and Director of Veaudry International which distributes Veaudry and Muk Haircare)

When did Veaudry International start?

The first shipment of hair irons arrived in South Africa in 2006 … and the Veaudry brand was born. Michelle worked tirelessly driving from salon to salon to demonstrate her styling iron to owners and stylists. 13 years later, Veaudry is a full catalogue of irons, curlers and brushes, and recently the addition of muk.

When did you launch muk?

Michelle was approached by the owners of muk haircare, the Global haircare brand of revolutionary Hybrid hair colour and full retail offering, who wanted Veaudry to be the exclusive agents in South Africa. Veaudry has been distributing this amazing brand for just over 6 months and has already taken the industry by storm and are well on their way. Exciting times!

How did your company grow to what it is today?

After starting in a garage in East London, today Veaudry International includes a 400sqm head office in JHB, a large distribution warehouse in Durban and smaller Distribution depots across South Africa.

Michelle started with just herself on the road selling door to door and her father running the accounting, today the company includes 22 Direct employees, 9 agents and 3 professional accountants in JHB.

Future plans - to remain humble and honest and continue to deliver the very best products to their clients in the fastest time frame possible – They are PEOPLE FOCUSED and remain true to their ethos: “People are more important than the product themselves” We will always put our clients’ needs at the forefront of any future growth plans, says Michelle.

We have heard in the trade that your company is known as a Triple threat in the industry?

This is because we offer a full catalogue of products that covers ALL the needs of this industry, being..

1. Full Technical offering (colour, treatments and a few exciting products launching soon , which are all top secret)

2. Full Retail homecare products

3. Electrical

Covering all of the above at competitive pricing in the industry they are known as the Triple threat and no doubt going to continue ruffling feathers in the industry as a result!

How was Australia? Any secrets you can share?

Australia was amazing, says Michelle – getting to travel with her husband (David Stanton, who is the MD of the company and Michelle’s right hand) as well as their two incredible senior educators was an awesome experience and a reminder that work is always FUN when you absolutely love what you do. We got to see 5 muk launches which are all top secret besides one, which has launched in Australia a few days ago and soon to arrive on South African shores – This is the launch of MUK VIVIDS Direct Dye. This is going to be a game changer in the direct dye category. Michelle and the team got to play and train with these products in Australia and not only were they absolutely incredible but one of the things that stood out to Michelle and her technical team was the ease of rinsing out these colours with absolutely no colour bleeding what so ever not to mention the vibrancy of the colours were out of this world. More details on this to follow in the next few weeks.

The other launches will be available later in the year so for now unfortunately they are Top Secret…but watch this space!

What can we expect from Veaudry in the future?

Michelle let us in on a top secret project that David has been working on for quite some time, it is going to be a digital revolution – It is a platform whereby it will stream line all ordering systems to optimise speed of deliveries, tracking of deliveries etc, Michelle believes that this is something brand new in the hair industry. We like to always be at the forefront of this industry and do things differently that makes a positive difference for everyone.

We have heard that your team is growing rapidly – tell us more?

Michelle explains that in just the last 6 months they have increased their staff complement by over 200%, For her, understanding what makes different people excited and create a burning desire in them to love what they do – is possibly the greatest challenge. she loves empowering people, but she wants happy people that love coming to work.

How many products do you have in your catalogue?

In the beginning of 2018 we had 6 product lines, but just one year later, Veaudry International has over 200 products across Veaudry and muk, making them a Full service brand, or better known in the industry as the Triple threat. A company that offers a full range of Colour (Technical) Retail and Electrical.

What would you attribute your success to?

Michelle explains that they are a family run business doing business with families. They believe that their service levels and attention to detail alongside the performance of their products make them a company that truly understands what salon owners and stylists need from a brand.

They also believe that their price positioning of their brands here in SA fits perfectly into the demands of the consumer and provide the salon owners with healthy margins on which to grow their businesses.

As Michelle and David also have their own salon, it helps them to understand how salons operate and what salon owners need from their partner brands. Michelle has a strong passion for the salon and this keeps the needs and understanding of salon owners top of mind.

When people mention ‘Playdates’ we immediately know it’s a muk, how has this become so well-known and where did it start?

This term actually came from Michelle and David’s little girls aged 4 and 5. As they are a family business their kids are often exposed to seeing their parents working (a lot) She explained that her kids asked their dad if what he was doing was fun – David explained that it was fun as he loves what he does – The girls thought about this idea and said, “like a playdate dad?”

For more info on these iconic brands and how you can become a part of the muk / Veaudry family, call 011 465 4370 or email info@veaudry.com

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