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Theresa Advises: The Secrets to Salon Success

Sharing My Secrets

Stylists and educators often ask me about what I believe makes salons successful year in and year out. My response is always that there are few factors – secrets if you will - that have seen to the success of many stylists and salons. Here are five of the secrets I’ve discovered, advised on, and implemented throughout my career.

Secret 1: Address your clients’ needs

A stylist who can see the need of their clients and immediately address them can provide the best guidance and make the best colour choices. I’ve always maintained that no matter clients’ hair history and the length of a stylist’s relationship with them, every time your clients sit in your chair, they want the best colour possible with little or no compromise to the quality of their hair.

Secret 2: Respond to your clients’ unspoken desires

Clients will always seek help from their stylist; either directly or indirectly. In other words, sometimes they know what they want/need, and sometimes they don’t. Even when your clients don’t have an exact vision in mind, you must offer the highest quality products and to use the best colour techniques – even if it’s only for a root tint.

When you neglect to satisfy your clients’ fundamental desire for quality in both product and application, they quickly find other alternatives. Often, clients don’t verbalise their dissatisfaction and when you realise it, it may be too late to draw them back in your chair.

Secret 3: Compliment your service and technique with quality products

If you believe your clients deserve the very best out of a hair service, then you should offer them the very best there is in product and technique. Re-evaluate your product knowledge, offering and your skill set. And make sure that you use the correct products and techniques for your clients’ specific needs.

Secret 4: Own your success

A satisfied client that continues to visit your salon has become more difficult because clients are more informed about product and application than ever before. Therefore, compromise is no longer an option.

You ensure success when you use products for their intended purpose without compromise or substitution. An easy example of compromise is when you use a highlifter as a toner instead of following the correct lightening process.

A compromise on quality and process ultimately pushes your clients to find alternatives.

Secret 5: Never stop learning

Attending an education seminar or training session is not a sign of weakness; it means you are interested in your own career, the growth of your business, and ultimately the happiness of your clients.

Education is a fundamental way to put colour at the heart of your salon.

Make 2019 a year dedicated to education and self-improvement. Exciting Wella education coming soon…

About Theresa Gouws

Theresa started with Wella South Africa in 1998 as an educator and quickly moved on to become the Studio Manager. Between 2000 and 2011 she was both the Sebastian and Kadus Education Manager and currently she is the National Education Manager for Modern Hair & Beauty; she travels across South Africa to educate stylists and salon owners.

Theresa says her passion for the industry and education increases as she sees how people develop and grow from what she has taught them.

For information about Modern Hair & Beauty’s education events and seminars, please contact us on:

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