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“Silver Savior” and other Keune Essentials for Perfect Blondes

Here’s Keune’s “must have” list for colourists working with blondes – the products you’ll instantly love and won’t be able to live without!

Keune Care Silver Savior

A phenomenal pair of products, Keune Care Silver Savior range deals with bleached or lightened hair like no other. The powerful conditioning agents of Keune Care leave the hair silky and soft instead of crunchy or dry as is so often the case with silver based shampoos. And, of course, it offers three levels of silver - maintenance, neutralisation or a violet / silver tone, depending on how much product you use and how long it’s applied for.

Keune Blonde Neutralising Spray

Available for professional use only in a 300ml sprayer, this ultra violet spray is an invaluable tool when toning hair because it is a more cost effective way of dealing with unwanted warm tones before toner is applied. It can also be used to eliminate unwanted warm tones in already toned hair or grey hair. As a direct dye, it should always be supplemented with our Keune Silver Savior Shampoo or Silver Savior Conditioner.

Keune Bond Fusion

This re- bonding product is one of the best in the industry. Laboratory tests prove it reduces breakage by 43% more than key competitors and leaves the hair twice as strong too. Bond Fusion can be used in bleaches, tints and semi colors as well as a stand alone treatment. There is the traditional Phase 3 for take home treatments for your clients and Bond Fusion is priced well enough so clients will always say Yes to the extra conditioning benefits of a bond multiplier. No reason the additive should cost more than what’s in the bowl!

Keune Color Boosters

These boosters are available in both Red Boosters and Cool Boosters. They come in packs of 10 x 3ml ampoules. Use one ampoule per half tube of color to enhance either your red shades or Ash tones. Keune Cool Boosters are also recommended for Keune’s High lift products and bleaches should you need a shot of cool to go that extra bit further.

Keune Color Tools

Keune offer a selection of colouring tools for creative colouring. Specialist Foam Foils and Transparent Foils which are ultra light weight for techniques such as Ecaille, Balayage etc and the specialised brushes for these hand painted techniques. All Hair Solutions also offer the education you may need to work with all our support products to achieve maximum shine, condition and results helping you love color even more!

For more info on Keune Tinta Color or Ultimate Blonde, please contact Keune at All Hair Solutions on 011 791 3644.


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