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Westrow Winter Colour Trends: Cherry and Berry

Jenny Pelter, artistic team director of Westrow Salons, UK, has announced her hottest trend predictions in colour for the autumn-winter season based on catwalk predictions – and cherry and berry are two of the fashion favourites! Here’s more...


Cool icy blonde shades that have been in such demand over summer, are going to be replaced by ruddier shades, such as cranberry and raspberry, as well as more natural shades of gold and copper, once winter arrives. Fashion is responsible for this shift from cooler tones to warmer shades of berry, cherry and rust. If bolder red shades don’t appeal, then opt for a more natural hue, but stick to a warmer colour palette.


Watermelon pink was hugely popular with clients over the summer, especially for festivals, and I predict that over winter we’ll be seeing more requests for slightly more intense shades of cherry pink: think of this vibrant shade as the new millennial pink. If a full head of cherry-red is just a little too OTT, then consider adding just a few muted cherry-pink coloured sections through the ends – as seen in our New Dawn collection.

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