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Creativity at Style Bar

The Style Bar Group is a place where creativity thrives. With the highest level of training, the team is empowered and inspired to do more, be more, and offer more to their clients. Here are comments from three team members, explaining how much they value the creative environment where they work, and how it enables them to do more, create more... and earn better while giving clients their best.

“I've been a stylist at Style Bar since 2014, I came here with a fresh mind seeking an adventure and a place to grow creatively. I was amazed by how much training and creative classes Style Bar had to offer. It’s been such an incredible journey, I've learned more in my 4 years working here than my whole college career and that says a lot. From business booster classes, to how to do a full professional consultation and scalp diagnosis, my favourite of course is the creative colour classes from Schwarzkopf. The growth as a business also astounds me, it’s amazing how much the company grew locally in such a short time, opening new shops all around Cape Town and making new and better job opportunities for so many people. Most hairdressers move around from salon to salon in their lives, but Style Bar is my home and I'm so happy to be part of such an amazing team.”

Step from Palmyra

“It has been said many times over the years, that there is simply no greater feeling than making someone feel more confident, more beautiful, more pampered. In an ever-changing industry it is essential to stay on track of the latest innovations as well as the very latest trends. In saying that it is vital to have a wider knowledge of our industries’ trends, suggesting a colour or a specific look that is ideal for a specific client. I have always had a massive focus on Education. Knowledge is Power.”

Belinda - Style Bar Group Educator

“Sometimes clients don’t have outgoing personalities, and this is where they lack in confidence. There is nothing more brilliant than saving thousands on psychologist visits just by creating a new look for them at the hair salon which works wonders and boosts their self esteem. In a matter of hours, you can change somebody’s feelings about themselves as well as their outlook on the day or even their future and that is the most powerful thing when it comes to what we do. I particularly love colour because it is an expression of what is going on in the inside and out.”

Libby from Paarl

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