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Lisap Silver Grey Toning & Metallic Filter Colour

New from Lisap, two colour lines allow you to create silver-grey toning, and metallic effects.

Silver Grey: Three exciting new shades in Lisap Escalation Now allow for intense silver-grey toning and neutralisation of yellow undertones, so you can create the perfect, pearly, silver blondes. Formulated with the new science of intelligent colouring created in Lisap laboratories, products guarantee perfect coverage and exceptional hold.

Metallic: Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic range consists of six blendable, ammonia-free shades with a gorgeous metallic texture. These shades will perfect, brighten, lighten and harmonise colour as well as providing protection, reconstruction, volume and body.

For more information contact Icon on: 012 361 8474 / 012 365 2615

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