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The New Millennials are Centennials!

If you’ve been wondering how to engage with the millennial generation, there’s good news. According to Youth Agency Student Village’s Youth Culture report, people born from 1997 are not millennials but centennials, with their own world views, beliefs and aspirations.

• This generation has serious spending power and is willing to spend on what makes them look good.

• They are fearless and willing to take risks, often becoming entrepreneurs earlier.

• Their understanding of the internet and social media makes it easy for them to run businesses digitally.

• They value money and power, and look for ways to achieve these by working smart, not hard.

• They are very image conscious and selective about what they share on social media.

• They want to set themselves apart and not blend in.

• They will use extra income to pay for unique experiences, and use technology to find ways of saving money while having fun.

• This generation is interested in politics and wants to correct social injustices, using social media as a powerful tool.

• One of their biggest fears is being irrelevant – staying connected is extremely important.

So – how are salons going to make the most of this upcoming generation in their chair, and what can you offer them as employees to help keep them engaged and enthusiastic? Definitely food for thought!

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