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Redken Own-It Awards: Education Report Back

Redken’s number one priority is empowering hairdressers through top quality education – and for Own-It Awards Week, international icons and Redken artists Sam Villa and Adam Browne held classes in Johannesburg. These consisted of an intensive morning theory session, followed by an afternoon practical.

Adam’s class focused on the latest colour, freehand and balayage techniques, while in Sam’s class, participants learned some incredible cutting and styling techniques. In both classes, a wealth of sales and business tips were shared. These interactive classes were empowering and inspiring, allowing hairdressers to take relevant knowledge back to the salon to excite and delight their clients!

The energy in the sessions was incredible and every part of the day was designed to impart information in a way that can be remembered and applied most effectively. These amazing superstars are brilliant and humble educators who willingly share everything they can possibly give in terms of knowledge, so that hairdressers are not just listening to their icons, but truly learning from them. It’s easy to see why the strength of the Redken brand is rooted in education!

Here’s some feedback from people who attended, photos from the classes, as well as a short video.

“So much info, it’s like your brain is exploding! So many creative ideas. The cutting technique is very new... I’ve learned so much I just want to go home and do some work!”

Renata Reimeringer-Visser - Moden Wave

“We had a fantastic time, learned so much, being out of the box is a cool place to be!”

Brigitte Kent - Kymric Hall

“Every rand was well spent... this is going to change my whole approach. I was blown away – and it was so cool to spend time with Sam Villa and Adam Browne”

Dillan Milosevich - Franco International​

“It was so mindblowing and worth every single cent.”

Melanie Greyvensteyn – Milla Grey​

“It was absolutely amazing.. there are so many things we can take back to the salon.”

Caroline Michael - Innovation Hair Co​

“He was amazing, so inspirational. The best seminar I have ever, ever been. It changes your mindset.”

Other Seminar Participants

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