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Candice McKay – Murmuration Collection

The murmuration of starlings and the geometric shapes they form inspired the cuts and sectioning patterns of the colors. The birds' iridescent feathers, showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles, was the colour palette. Her texturing techniques were inspired by the birds open wings, creating a harmonious effect between organic shapes and geometry.

We million starlings are the murmuration. We, the murmuration, sculpt the air. No starling leads us, no starling follows. We cooperate in the synchronised democracy of nature. We paint in all dimensions, we transcend your man-made geometry. We are the spirit of sunset. We bathe in the last light of day. We feel the wind, we feel the sky. We shape nature, we are nature. We create the beautiful, we become the beautiful. We revel in our multitude. Together we are our art.

There are energies that arrange atoms into diamonds. There are ideologies that inspire humans into nations But what sacred intellect composes starlings into murmurations?

We twist and swoop to feel the substance of space. We tumble and ripple to test what is possible. We dance to celebrate the joy of mere existence. We gather and play only to say here we are!


Cut and Color - Candice Mckay

Photography - John Rawson

Styling - Jared Green

Makeup - Maddie Austin

Video - Derrick Pitts

Assistants - Guinevere Miller & Gareth Strydom

Products: Davines

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