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Reuzel Roadshow: It’s Reuzel. It’s Rock ‘n Roll

Images courtesy Reuzel

Three Cities. Two Barbers. One Brand

Reuzel [Roo-zel] is rock ‘n roll. The brand story, the Schorem barbershop from where Reuzel originates, and the barbers that use the products should indicate that Reuzel is not simply a pomade, a haircut, or an ego – it’s a lifestyle. It’s a return to classic barbering; to a craft. To celebrate the arrival of Reuzel in South Africa - in true rock star form - the Reuzel team followed two of South Africa’s best barbers to three cities.

“Classic barbering is beyond a profession, beyond a skill, beyond a craft. It is a mission, a calling – a commitment to provide nothing but the very best pomps, quiffs, flat tops, fades and razor shades on the planet. Period. “-Schorem

All event photos courtesy Reuzel SA

The Barbers: Reuzel Scumbassadors

“Scumbassador: An influential barber of rock star status.” Scumbassadors live the Reuzel lifestyle: they honour the craft of barbering, quality products, and they aren’t afraid to give over to rock ‘n roll. Both the South African Scumbassadors, Rian van Skaap - owner of That Barbershop, and Guy Kleinhaus - owner of Guy’s Chop Shop owned the stages in Durban, Jo’burg, and Cape Town with some of the best barbers gathering around them.

We asked Guy and Rian what they thought about the three-day tour:

“Damn what an experience! I never imagined I’d do anything like that in my career. 3 cities in 3 days representing one of the biggest brands in the world was an incredible opportunity for me. The honour of cutting on stage with my friend Rian in front of some of the most passionate barbers and hairstylists in our industry watching was unreal. Thank you to everyone that came. And thank you to Reuzel South Africa and Modern Hair and Beauty for the amazing opportunity.”

And to emphasise our point about Reuzel, Rian states “This was rock ‘n roll”.

The Sponsors

Hydration is important to keep the show on the road. And, naturally, our sponsors made sure that the Scumabassadors and scumbags stayed well lubricated. Shout out to Jack Daniels, East Coast Brewing Company, Mad Giant, Jack Black, Wixworth Gin, Fitch and Leeds, Sailor Jerry Rum, El Jimador Tequila.

Reuzel: The Story

The Reuzel brand was founded by Leen Bergmann & Bertus Jan Rietveld who are the founders of Schorem (scumbag), an old-school men’s-only barbershop in the heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Specialising only in “Barber Classics” and “Signature Haircuts” – a total of 22 gents haircuts. They are frequented by greasers, rockers, bikers, psychobillys, rockabillies, ruffians, vagabonds, freaks, artists, jazzers, bastards, low life’s, sick boys, brothers of the smock, and other fine gentleman from all over the world.

The Schorem barbers have no interest in trends, they focus on style. “Men don’t want to go through books with models that look nothing like them, with the perfect abs and jawlines and bleached fringes. That shit’s not real life. They want to point at the wall, sit down and not have to worry about the end result. When guys come to Schorem they know they are going to leave with a perfect haircut.”

With more than 50 years of barbering and grooming experience, these barbers have now formulated pomades worthy of their exacting standards. They dug deep into the history of pomades to formulate what is believed to be the world’s finest…Reuzel!

There is absolutely NO ‘pork ingredients’ in the Reuzel products, i.e. no pigs were harmed in the making of these products. Plus, NO animal testing is done by Reuzel, their manufacturers or their ingredient suppliers. The products are classified as vegetarian and halaal, but not vegan, due to the use of beeswax in some of the products. Beeswax is made from the segments in the honeycomb, which should not bring harm to the bees.

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