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Salon Owner Asks: Where do you Get Quality Plumbing Equipment?

Would it be possible to ask salon owners out there ‘where they buy their QUALITY plumbing parts, e.g. mixers, hoses, etc.’, please?

Having gone through our first burst water pipe, I have ordered the mixer (flexible hose) from the supplier we bought the basin from and my plumber has let me know that it is not the best quality (in his words “China Store”). The supplier has let me know that this is the only mixer they import. I would like to update the quality of our hoses, mixers etc. to ensure that the likelihood of this happening again, any time soon, does not happen…

Hoping for advice!

If you are willing to share your product info and suppliers, or if there are any suppliers who stock top quality of this item, please email or message 082 891 8537. We’ll pass on the info to the owner!

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