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ColorWow: A Salon Must

Why is ColorWow a retail essential for your salon?

• Clients love it and once they have tried it, they can’t live without it, so it becomes a repeat purchase.

• Not only is it perfect for root coverage, it’s also great for hairline and eyebrow touch-ups.

• It’s recommended for use between colour appointments, so your clients will still book for their colour every 4-6 weeks...

• But they will enjoy having NO visible root growth – grey / dark roots can show from 2 weeks!

• It’s available in 7 shades so you can match every colour.

• ColorWow shows you care about your clients’ appearance between salon services.

Want to stock ColorWow in your salon?

Contact your Twincare rep, or purchase the set at any TPO.

Email or phone 011 305 1600 for more info!

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