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Getting Clients Coming Back: Part 1 by Petra, Artistic Hair Design

Petra of Artistic Hair Design, East London, explains how to keep clients coming back.

Sometimes, clients’ lifestyles change or the economy hits hard, and they don’t come back to the salon.

It can be hurtful and bad for morale when this happens but you need to stay positive and take a long term view. Times are tough for them now but they won’t always be that way, and when their lifestyle has stabilised, the first place they will go is to the salon, and they will probably want a change! Don’t let the situation get you down and stay positive. If you become down, it will affect the whole salon’s energy and this will cost you other clients, as positivity attracts people and they like going to a place filled with positive energy.

Also, remember to keep your salon service top notch. You can be a brilliant haircutter but a terrible host, and if you are a terrible host, clients may not come back. If you are a brilliant host, they may give you another chance even if they are not totally happy with their cut.

Here are some photos of Artistic Hair Design, 11 Westgreen Mall, East London. 043 736 2912

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