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Salon Money Saver: Eco Friendly Disposable Towels

If you think laundering traditional towels is cheaper than buying Eco Friendly Disposable Towels, the cost comparison might surprise you. Are you factoring in the water and electricity usage, as well as the replacement costs when towels start to wear out?

Traditional Cotton Towels

White towel @R207 for a pack of 5 towels = R41,40 per towel

Black towel @R243 for a pack of 5 towels = R48,60 per towel

Replacement costs: Towels usually have to be replaced twice a year.

Laundering costs: Based on water and electricity usage, average is between R7-8 per wash per towel.

Eco Friendly Towels

Eco Friendly Towels cost R5,50 per towel, excluding VAT.

They are packed in sealed packs of 50 units and cost R316,25 per pack, including VAT.

Not only will you save substantial amounts of money by switching to Eco Friendly Disposable Towels, you will also be offering your clients a hygienic and “green” option, showing them that your salon is concerned about the environment and saving water.

Made out of all natural fibres including viscose and wood pulp, these disposable towels are fully biodegradable and very absorbent, with a gorgeous, soft feel.

The sealed packs are convenient and save on storage space as well as saving time spent doing laundry.

Ideal for use at wash basins and as protection over cotton towels during chemical treatments, Eco Friendly Towels can also be used on beauty treatment beds and nail stations as protective overlays, and cut smaller for use in facials.

FREE DELIVERY on all orders over 400 units.

Size: 80 cm x 40 cm (bigger sizes available on request). High quality, white in colour.

Switch to Eco Friendly Towels today and enjoy massive savings in your salon!

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