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The Making of Goldwell’s Color Zoom 2019 Collection

So – how is a global style collection born? Well, the vibrant metropolis of London was the hosting city for this year’s Color Zoom Workshop in January. Here, the Color Zoom Creative Team began their collaboration towards the 2019 Hair Fashion Collection, to be presented at the Global Zoom Event 18 in Toronto later this year.

The team included the three Global winners of the 2017 Color Zoom Challange, together with two international artists.

Maxim Sotnikov from Russia, New Talent winner

Dylan Tung from Singapore, Creative winner

Mio Sota from USA, Partner winner

Color expert Agnes Westerman from the Netherlands

Cut expert Sascha Haseloff from Germany

Where did they get their inspiration?

Beginning with an inspirational journey around London and a visit to the Tate Modern Museum, the workshop at the Goldwelll and KMS London Academy started with a trend forecast for fashion, design and beauty by an international trend agency.

The creative process then got under way with brainstorming, and visualisation on mood boards. By the end of day 1, the main direction of the new collection was already decided, strongly influenced by Energetic Escapism, with its focus on positive and imaginative energy.

The following days saw the cut, colour and shape ideas being fine tuned and then merged to create the total looks.

The next step was a photo shoot in February 2018 in Berlin. Here, the looks were brought to life as the creative team transferred the inspiration from mannequin heads to live models.

The new theme and collection will be unveiled at Global Zoom 18 in Toronto, where the three global winners will also be judges for the 2019 competition.

We can’t wait to see the 2019 themes that will inspire salons all around the world!

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