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Veaudry Launches Limited Edition Allure Collection

VEAUDRY Does it again!

They have become known for their “technology that cares” since 2006 and have delivered stunning limited editions time and time again. But this time they have shattered the mold, and delivered the most mesmerizing collection we have ever seen – WELL DONE!

We have all seen the trends for unicorn’s and mermaids with these muted pastel tones on everything in our lives, it is stunning, and fair to say that we are all in love.

Veaudry international has combined global fashion trends and expert professional technology to give us a range of stylers that not only perform at optimum levels with total temperature control, but also look gorgeous too.

The Team at Veaudry have shared some truly captivating salon promotions, to help salons bolster sales during the winter months – So get in touch with them today to see how this can benefit your salon.

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More About Allure:

The name itself conjures up emotions of intrigue and charm that tempts us to want more! The colours resonate with the pastel tones that we are seeing in fashion trends globally.

The VEAUDRY ALLURE COLLECTION is the most desirable hair accessory that every woman needs – if you have not been tempted to upgrade to a Veaudry yet, Now is your chance – with its beguiling charm you will be the envy of your friends.

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