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Enter Now for Redken Own-It Awards: International Education Opportunity Up For Grabs!

What makes Redken’s education unique and so powerful?

International Redken Artist Catherine Allard explains what sets Redken’s education apart from the rest, and why it is so valuable for a hairstylist’s career. (And Catherine also gives her own personal “hot tips” on colour, and creating a winning look!)

Needing some colour inspiration? Take a look at some of Catherine Allard's latest work.

Make sure you don't miss your chance to own it in 2018! Entries close on the 31st July 2018.

Redken would like to help you own it by offering free photoshoots to add the finishing touch to your entry. Book your slot now and start dreaming up the colour that is going to see you sharing the stage with international icons Sam Villa and Adam Browne at the final on the 8th September 2018!

To Enter Click HERE.

To Book Your Free Photo Shoot Click HERE.

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