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Home Disaster Fixes with Jeauval – Horrendous Haircut to Beautiful Bob

When client Tamaryn tried to cut her hair at home, she thought it would work out – but after making a ponytail and chopping a big piece out of it, she ended up with a style that had many different lengths (as opposed to layers) and the ends started to split, which she then couldn’t fix.

Luckily Jeauval Sanctuary, Somerset West, came to the rescue! Tamaryn was invited into this glamorous salon for the full experience, and after a consultation she bravely agreed to let go of her ends and allow Damian to cut them off!

Here’s Tamaryn’s before photo, some shots and footage of the makeover, and her gorgeous after result – a beautiful bob that shows off her features, is healthy, makes her hair look thick and full, and will be easy to manage.

One happy client – thanks to Jeauval Sanctuary, Somerset West, for this amazing makeover!

Corner R44 and De Beers Avenue, Somerset West.

Tel: 021 492 3901

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