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Step by Step: The Hustler Gents’ Cut

Here’s a fantastic how-to from Marcus Waines of Jacks of London. Be inspired by step by step guidelines to this edgy, trendy finished look!

Marcus Waines – The Hustler

Hair: Marcus Waines - Jacks of London Art Crew

Styling: Ricardo Chiudioni

Photography: Barry Makariou

Products: American Crew

With its roots firmly in the golden age of 50s strong and silent movie stars, this slick, leading man look puts a thoroughly modern spin on the signature style of those quiffed-up kings of the big screen.

1. Start by reducing length on sides and back to just above the ear using clippers freehand, starting with grade 1 at the hairline and rising to grade 2.

2. Carefully slope line from temple to back of head equally on both sides.

3. Using clipper over to comb method, find connection with top, being careful to blend patches where scalp may be misshapen. Refine connection and polish sides with scissor over comb where required.

4. Connect sides to top, lifting for more height towards the front

5. Using scissor point technique, texture the top from front to crown.

6. Add American Crew Tech Series Texture Foam to magnify shape and add volume and texture, then blow dry to give height and create quiff. Apply American Boost powder through fringe area for great volume and to give the lift and hold needed. Finish with American Crew Heavy Head Hold Pomade to give superb definition and high shine and hold.

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