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Spotlight on the New Innova Range

The new Innova range has the perfect solution for every problem and need, in a smart, compact format that can be personalised for every client. With upgraded formulas and new ingredients, it’s more effective and powerful than ever! The range has been divided into three clear steps.

Here’s what each step includes.

#1 Smart Wash: 6 Products

Repair Shampoo

Hydrate Shampoo

Color Shampoo

Silver Shampoo

Cleansing Shampoo

Root Activating Shampoo


#2 Smart Care: 10 Products

Repair Conditioner

Repair Keratin Filler

Repair Split End Serum

Repair Capsules

Hydrate Spray Conditioner

Hydrate BB Cream

Color Conditioner

Color Leave-in Treatment

Smoothing Mask

Root Activating Lotion


#3 Smart Style: 14 Products in three Sub-Categories


Blow Dry Spray

Thermal Protector Spray

Curl Cream

Strong Mousse


Style Reviver



Soft Clay

Rough Up

Moulding Gel


Flexible Spray

Strong Lacquer

Gel Spray

Smooth Serum

Every Innova product features the new, standout design, clear step coding, and range benefit patterns for quick and simple navigation. It’s easier than ever for a busy hairstylist to allocate the perfect, tailor-made solution for every client... think of some of your clients and their different hair challenges, and decide which products you’d choose for each of them.

For more info go to

If you need Indola’s fabulous Innova range in your salon, contact Indola brand manager Maxime Vandiest at

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