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Jeauval’s Makeover Magic

Recently, Hairnews approached Jeauval to request a makeover favour. The client in question, a top veterinarian, has recently started a new venture called the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet. Funded purely by donations, this incredible organisation helps to rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife before safely relocating the animals to the wild. With human intervention causing so many wild animals to be hurt or displaced, this is an essential service that requires a huge amount of specialised knowledge and care.

Jeauval was delighted to give the wildlife vet clinic’s founder, Dr Karin Lourens, a fabulous treatment, toner and cut for her gorgeous naturally grey hair. This was done by Paul at Jeauval Nicolway. Paul is pictured here with Karin.

If any salons would like to contribute towards the worthy cause of saving injured wildlife, the Wildlife Vet’s banking details are below – contributions are always needed!

Johannesburg Wildlife NPC FNB Cheque account Acc No: 62658400264 Branch code: 255355 Swift code: FIRNZAJJ Like their Facebook page HERE

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