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Indola Gets Smart –Technology for Hairdressers

Indola has evolved... Our brand is redefined, modern, agile and responsive... combining the power of digital media with stunning street style! And every single innovation has been inspired by listening to our hairdressers, understanding what they want and need, and then giving it to them!

Our Key Influencers

Hair Quality – it’s essential for fabulous colour

Customised Care – mix and match, because every client needs a different solution

Less is More – a condensed, effective range will cover all needs

The Look is Everything – products must be able to create the desired look

Our Perfect Solutions

Trendy street styles, flawless hair quality, professional inspiration – here’s the technology behind it all!

Smart 3 Steps – the streamlined range of 36 products is flexible so hairdressers can tailor make solutions for each individual.

Smart Pixel Technology – this is why colour stays so show-stoppingly brilliant and fabulous!

NFC Technology – products talk to your smartphone! Incredible, fun, edgy and informative.

Every formulation has been upgraded, with new ingredients including jojoba oil to hydrate, marula oil to repair, silk cocoons to protect colour, ginseng roots to cleanse, coconut oil to smooth, purple pigments to brighten whites, and a special complex of taurine, carnitine and panthenol to activate roots!

Colour Magnifier technology in the wash and care products restores virgin hair quality for brilliant shine, while style products have built-in UV filters to prevent fade.

Want to create the Street Style looks in your salon?

Simply tap a smartphone over the NFC microchips on the Curl Cream 200ml & Thermal Protector Spray 300ml, for instant step by step guides. You’ll love it!

For more info go to www.indola.com

If you need Indola’s streetwise style in your salon, contact Indola brand manager Maxime Vandiest at maxime.vandiest@henkel.com

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