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Goldwell Launches New Dualsenses


They want hair that looks beautiful and feels great!

New Dualsenses took three years of intensive research to create powerful formulas that offer instant, gorgeous, effective results that your clients will love!

New Design, New Technology, Fantastic Performance... the result of sharing, working and collaborating with thousands of stylists around the world.

Dualsenses offers real solutions with visible, touchable results, built-in colour protection, and gorgeous, modern fragrances.

And to boost the good work, Dualsenses offers fast, effective in-salon treatments – a fantastic add-on service that will wow clients!

Dualsenses Technology - Hero Ingredients

MicroPROtec complex distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly.

Fade Stop Formula achieves exceptional colour retention, and is included in all shampoos.

Segment Specific Technologies for outstanding colour results, and professional solutions for every need, creating instantly beautiful hair.

Lumiescine is a unique colour technology in all four colour shampoos, transforming non visible UV light into visible light for magnificent brilliance!

The Ranges

Colour ranges, enriched with Lumiescine, include:

Color, for fine to normal hair

Color Extra Rich, for thick to coarse hair

Blondes and Highlights, neutralising unwanted yellow in blonde and highlighted hair

Silver, for grey and cool blonde hair, neutralises yellow and refines cool effects

Rich Repair, for dry to damaged hair, is enriched with Intralipid. It restores severely damaged hair from deep inside, and reawakens shine.

Just Smooth is a full range enriched with Kukui nut oil, providing incredible manageability and shine with a soft hair feel. For unruly and frizzy hair.

Ultra Volume, for fine to limp hair, is enriched with rice protein. It strengthens hair with lightweight care, enhancing fullness.

Curly Twist, for wavy, curly and permed hair, hydrates and defines for weightless bounce and elasticity. It is enriched with milk protein.

Scalp Specialist, the range for sensitive scalps and thinning hair, includes:

Deep Cleansing Shampoo for a fresh scalp and removal of residue

Anti Dandruff Shampoo fights dandruff and regulates scalp function

Sensitive Foam Shampoo with Soothing Lotion reduces sensitivity and irritations

Anti Hair Loss spray and serum prevents hereditary hair loss, strengthens hair and supports natural growth.

Dualsenses In-Salon Treatments

Effective, innovative and fast, these brilliant add-on services help to solve a multitude of problems.

Choose from the Express Treatment for clients on the go, Deep Treatment, Nourishing Treatment, Care & Color Treatment, Anti Hairloss Treatment, Detox Relaxation Treatment, and Scalp Guard Treatment.

Your Client Says: “I have thick, coarse hair. I want to keep my brilliant colour results and get a more silky feel.”

You Recommend:

In Salon: Express Treatment with Dualsenses Color Extra Rich Shampoo and 6 Effects Serum.

Homecare: Dualsenses Color Extra Rich Shampoo, Conditioner, and 6 Effects Serum.

Your Client Says: “My hair feels very damaged and I want to avoid breakage.”

You Recommend:

In Salon: Express Treatment with Dualsenses Rich Repair Shampoo and 6 Effects Serum.

Homecare: Dualsenses Rich Repair Shampoo, 60Sec Treatment and 6 Effects Serum.

Your Client Says: I can’t control my frizzy, unruly hair and I need more shine!”

You Recommend:

In Salon: Express Treatment with Dualsenses Just Smooth Shampoo and 6 Effects Serum OR Nourishing Treatment with Dualsenses Just Smooth Shampoo, 60Sec Treatment and 6 Effects Serum.

Homecare: Dualsenses Just Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner and 6 Effects Serum.

Love the sound of Goldwell’s incredible new Dualsenses range?

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If you want to stock Dualsenses, contact Goldwell now on 011 312 5070.

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