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Upcoming Men’s Trends – Fashion Week Forecasts

Chris Merrick, salon partner at Blue Tit, UK, has identified three key trends for the upcoming spring season, forecast on the fashion catwalks.

Centre Partings

We are still experiencing a throwback to the 90s with partings, particularly centre partings, being popular – Fen Chen Wang continued the trend that Fendi kicked off last year. A pomade will add guts and grunge to the look, and a fine toothed comb will help create the perfect parting. This style is perfect for angular and oval faces, but not suitable for rounder faces.

Added Volume

Fifties style quiffs were everywhere last year. They are back for 2018, with added volume and height, as showcased in the Death To Tennis presentation at New York Fashion Week Men. Hair is worn high and swept back in a groomed, sculpted look, finished with tall quiffs. This works well with a matte finish, otherwise it can appear greasy, and a strong hold gel-wax can be used.

Backstage photos shot by Antonio Griffith and published online in Pause Magazine – Click HERE for the original article.

New Length

Longer, tousled locks have been spotted at various shows and this season hair will be even longer, past shoulder length and into chest length. It verges on feminine, but still retains a masculine toughness. The ideal product is a texturising salt spray, used through damp hair, to keep it raw, natural and rugged. Roots are fairly straight and flat.

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