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Educational Co-Ops – What They’re All About

Navnit Beharie, owner of Me, Myself and I Hairdressing in Edenvale, has come up with a brilliant way to help maximise the benefits of education available to the industry.

Navnit has formed an “educational co-op” with other salons who are in different areas of Johannesburg and do not compete for clients. If one member of the co-op attends education, or is very proficient and has learned techniques and certain skill sets, they have a meeting and that stylist does a workshop and hands-on demo for the others, passing on the knowledge.

This means that if one member of the co-op attends an expensive educational course, the others can also benefit and learn.

In a bigger salon, staff can learn from each other after going on courses, but for a smaller salon, an educational co-op provides a brilliant and creative solution to sharing knowledge and maximising value from what you learn. Because the salons are in different areas they do not compete directly for clients so the knowledge can be freely shared to benefit everyone.

Would you consider forming an educational co-op with colleagues in other parts of your city or town?

Thanks to Navnit for sharing this wonderful initiative!

Me, Myself and I Hairdressing, 4 Fifth Avenue, Edenvale

• 082 541 2042 / 011 453 0469

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