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Goldwell Elemental Trend: Preview

The 2018 Goldwell hair fashion collection represents creativity in its purest form. It is a blend of technology and simplicity, visionary and elemental, that creates a new energy.

It is a blend of rawness and refinement, where solidity combines with translucency. Tone on tone colours create a play of contrasts, while modern minimalistic shapes offer a blend of roughness, and an airy, handcrafted feel.

Colour Excitement

Elemental is all about layering and filtering. Muted pastels and rich, earthy tones overlap and filter, and this creates a translucent effect. Colours look weathered and matte, but with a luminous surface. Moving beyond the metallic, pure mineral tones create harmonious shades.

Jagged Shapes

The edges of hair are soft, yet jagged – subtly asymmetric and with an airy texture that gives it a future-forward feel.

Be inspired to create your own interpretation of this imagination-inspiring trend.

For more information call Goldwell on 011 312 5070.

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