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Biosense Education Dates

Style Discovery

  • The ultimate Introduction to retail, top 15

  • Understanding the partnership between hair and hair maintenance

  • Upselling at Back Bar and Operators training

  • From wash house to blow dry and set matric farewells and weddings

Time: Full Day

Course Dates


16th April 2018

13th August 2018


Colour Keys

  • ABC of Colour, colour wheels, counteracting pigments

  • Consultation, formulation and application

  • Colour psychology, universal laws of colour, hair science, colour mapping, understanding undertones

Time: Full Day

Course Dates


21st May 2018

17th September 2018


Colour Decoded

  • Gain a conception level of colour knowledge

  • Improving and ultimately perfecting the fundaments of colouring techniques

  • Latest trendy cut with complimentary colour

  • Diversify your colour results, double application and multi-dimensional colour

Time: Full Day

Course Dates


18th June 2018

15th October 2018


Colour Mastery

  • Full day workshop, build your knowledge for innovative colour and techniques

  • Extend your colour choices and increase your portfolio

  • Rectify colour issues and further corrective skills

  • Corrective consultation, choosing colour for skin tones and unique colour consultations

Time: Full Day

Course Dates


2nd July 2018

12th November 2018


Coloursense Course

Learn the fundamental principles on how Coloursense work, our reflect families and how to achieve exceptional results with Coloursense.

  • Showcasing the newest techniques and breath taking colours

  • Learn how to compliment your Biosense retail with every colour client in your salon

  • Refresh your foundation and learn new tricks

  • Master profitable services with add on innovative service like Olaplex in your salon

Time: Full Day

Course Dates

GRG 19th February 2018

DBN 7th May 2018

PE 4th June 2018

CT 23rd July 2018

GRG 20th August 2018

DBN 1st October 2018

For more information contact 011 305 1600.

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