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Colour Trends: Sarah Black, UK Colour Trophy Winner, predicts three must-haves for spring-summer 201

Colour specialist Sarah Black, from Linton & Mac Salon in Aberdeen, Scotland, won the 2017 UK National L’Oréal Colour Trophy title, and was third overall worldwide. Sarah predicts the colour trends for the upcoming spring-summer season – here’s a sneak preview of three exciting, must-have trends.


Gen Z Yellow

Moving away from the pinks, the latest colour trend is all about the yellows. However, while 2017 was all about yellows that popped, the 2018 trend is much more toned down, so it will be a great choice for clients who are afraid their hair will appear too warm.


Petrol Head

Last season, mermaid hair was huge, but for the upcoming season, azure shades are inkier and more gritty – think petrol blue, forest green, and moss. These is not the most wearable of shades for everyday, but for holidays, parties and festivals, they are going to steal the show.


Platinum Card

The “ice queen” trend that was evident this summer is really going to take hold in the next season. White blonde is difficult, expensive and challenging to achieve so clients need to know what they are in for in terms of maintenance, and condition must be paramount. Platinum has many different variations and you should choose the one that will best suit your client’s skin tone. Then recommend a homecare regime that will maintain both the colour and the condition, not forgetting good heat-protective styling products.

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