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Q&A with Nuraan Moose, Gents’ Stylist at Partners Hair Design, Canal Walk

Nuuran talks about making clients happy and the gents' trend she's doing in the salon.

Q: Why hairdressing? When did the passion start?

A: The passion started when I was a little girl, playing with my dolls. I would cut their hair and give hideous styles which looked amazing to me. I chose hairdressing because I like seeing clients leave happy. I learned barbering at the Partners Hair Design Training Academy.

Q: What do you most love about your daily work?

A: I love interacting with clients and meeting new people as well playing around with different colours and styles.

Q: What do you most enjoy doing in-salon?

A: I enjoy doing fashion colours and different techniques of applying and going through the process to see the amazing outcome.

Q: Where do you see trends going as we move into autumn/winter?

A: Vibrant colours - but mainly warm colours with more funky styles as the trends are changing.

Q: What colour techniques are most popular among your clientele?

A: Amongst our gent clients highlights and foils are popular, but mainly greys and silvers.

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