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Giovanni Battista’s Hair Museum

The stunning, newly renovated Giovanni Battista salon in Riverside shopping centre, Bryanston, features a “hair museum” corner where some incredible collector’s items can be found.

Over the years, Giovanni acquired one of only two perming machines that still exist in South Africa, as well as an antique barber chair which a Pretoria salon owner sold to him on condition he never sold it on.

Glass cupboards contain early model hairdryers we can barely recognise today, hairdressing scissors that are decades old, as well as brushes, combs, clips and other items.

“I always keep my eyes open for old equipment that is being sold, to add to the collection,” Giovanni explains, believing that it is important to record our heritage of hairdressing, and respect and preserve the tools and equipment that were used in previous eras.

Look out for a full decor tour of the beautiful Giovanni Battista salon in an upcoming Hairnews.

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