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Silly Season Sanity

Dawid Kriel from Institute Aesthetic, Somerset West, Western Cape, explains how he keeps himself sane, and his salon experience special, over the busy season.

“I start earlier and work later through the month of December to get through all the bookings. I cut down on social invites and chill on my days off to have the energy when I am at the salon.”

Extra Special Client Experience: All clients with a colour booking receive a Redken Chemistry treatment for free during this time. And being cherry season in the Western Cape, we have a bowl of fresh cherries in the reception for clients to enjoy!


Current and Future Trends: Dawid Kriel’s Forecast

Over the holiday season we have been doing all tones of blondes, from silvery platinums to caramel golds, mostly in balayage. We have been doing lots of copper and golden brunettes, and for the youngsters, a lot of the new Redken City Beats in all pastel shades.

For autumn 2018, we will see lots of bright and warm copper – golden tones with flashes of pink and coral, and of course bright reds... at any rate, I hope so!


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