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Colour Formulas – Short Blonde Stunners

Some clients have the looks and personality to carry off short hair – and is there anything more stunning than a short blonde style, done to perfection? Here are two looks with their formulas from Juan Joubert, at the Juan Joubert Hair, Skin and Nail Salon in Port Elizabeth.

Look 1: Fabulous, flawless blonde coloured with Redken 09b.

Look 2: The new California platinum blonde coloured with Redken 09v. and blurred with 08gi.


Juan Joubert Service Tips: Strive for Perfection

We asked Juan Joubert for his tips on top-class, personalised client service – and here’s what he has to say! This is service the Juan Joubert way – how do you offer clients service your way?

1.Do you do anything differently in your salon during the busy season from how you do it the rest of the year?

We focus on more moisturising treatments due to warmer weather and in depth consultations as clients are reluctant to make drastic changes.

2.How do you make sure to give clients the best experience in your salon, even when you are busy?

By following the Juan Joubert steps: 1. Consult 2. Prescribe 3. Deliver. There are time limits to these steps ensuring that the client has the ultimate experience. Juan Joubert salon lives by the credo: Nothing is done until it is done to perfection.


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