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Shimmering Pink Formula

We adore this gorgeous translucent pink colour, from The Boredroom salon, Stellenbosch.

The formula couldn’t be easier... It’s a 10 M with Clear and L’Oréal Magenta.

We’ll bring you more fabulous facts about The Boredroom early next year.


Fun Gifts

If you had to choose – which of these items would be your chosen stocking filler?

The No More Cuts ring that doubles as a finger guard?

The customised notebook for that personal touch?

Or the watch that says everything about your career?


Mystery Prize Winner

Congratulations to Nuraan Moose of Partners Hair Design, who has won a Q&A feature in Hairnews along with his set of Hairnews coffee mugs. We'll be in touch about the interview and your prize will be on its way to you soon.

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