• Theresa Gouws

Theresa’s Colour Tips from Wella Professional – Preventing that Dreaded Summertime Fading!

Summer is upon us! Meaning it’s time to implement protective measures for your client’s hair before she goes on holiday. Maintaining her hair colour and condition is vital to carrying her through the summer.

Your client’s hair colour will fade when its exposed to high-intensity light and UV rays. UVA and UVB cause visible radiation breakdown of natural or artificial colour, leading to a visible colour decrease. The hair when exposed to the combination of salt, chlorine, and sunlight, causes photobleaching (fading) of the hair shaft.

You can prevent fading by taking certain precautions. One way is an Illumina glossing service. An Illumina glossing protects, but also maintains, the hair until your client’s next hair appointment.

For further protection and care, the System Professional Solaris range is the perfect summer investment to protect colour and keep the integrity of her hair.

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