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David Gillson’s Water Saving Tips

David Gillson of Carlton Hair spends time in Cape Town each month and has shared some info on how Cape Town salons can help to conserve water during the shortage:

• The water is already set on low flow, to prevent water wastage.

• Ask cut and blow clients if they need a wash. If their hair is clean then just wet it down rather than washing again.

• Don’t do unnecessary washing and rinsing between chemical processes or treatments; it may be possible to do multiple processes on the client followed by one wash.

• Don’t let taps run a moment longer than they have to.

Does any other Cape Town salon have additional advice on saving water? If you do, write into Hairnews and we will publish your tips!

Email info@hairnews.co.za or Whatsapp / phone / sms 082 891 8537

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