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Who’s Your Hair Hero?

As we approach year end, it’s a good time to think about our industry, and the people who make hairdressing so incredible.

Do you have a Hair Hero – someone who has inspired you, impressed you, uplifted you, influenced you, or brightened up your hairdressing world? If so, why not email or Whatsapp Hairnews and tell us who this special person is, and why. It could be an international icon, an educator, somebody in your salon, or even a non-hairdresser who brought you a lightbulb moment.

Your Hair Hero nominations will be treated confidentially if you prefer... so let us know about the people who have rocked and inspired your industry this year and made it, and our world, a better place!

Email info@hairnews.co.za

Whatsapp / message / phone 082 891 8537

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