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Introducing Regrowz - The Natural Formula to Thicken and Encourage Hair Regrowth

Millions of men and women across the world are suffering from hair loss, meaning thin, lifeless hair - Regrowz is your ANSWER! Its active ingredients exfoliate and stimulate the follicle, stimulating dormant or miniaturised hair.

Regrowz stops and reverses hair loss and thickens your existing hair naturally.

With no comparable products on the market, Regrowz is based on a hair loss remedy that has been passed down through many generations. The product uses 100% naturally-derived ingredients, including coconut oil and various herbs and plant extracts.

When Mansodhi Gill, the director of the company, experienced Regrowz for himself and developed better hair coverage in three months after 15 years of male pattern baldness, he realised that Regrowz provided a potential answer to hair loss. He also understood just how many men worldwide would benefit from a 100% natural hair regrowth treatment. Mansodhi set out to prove Regrowz’ potential by having the product independently tested through a clinical study at Princeton Consumer Research, a global leader in the clinical product testing industry. The clinical study demonstrated that Regrowz has a 100% success rate when it comes to reducing baldness and a minimum individual 25% reduction (subject 54) in targeted bald areas over a three-month period.

We are now on a mission to spread the Regrowz message and let men and women everywhere know that there is a natural remedy to boost the natural body and growth of your own hair.

When Will You See Results?

In the first month, although you won't see much new hair growth, the process of reviving the root follicle will have begun. The process continues into month 2, and by month 3 you will start to see new hair growing around the existing hairline. After 6 months of continuous use, you should start to see new hair growth in the bald areas. After 12 months of continuous use, you should have a fuller head of hair.

The areas of the head that have experienced baldness for the longest period of time will be most resistant to the hair growth process. However, with continued use of the Regrowz solution you should see improvements over time.

Get started today! Regrowz for Men and Women

1 Month Supply - R831.02

3 Month Supply - R2,240.60

6 Month Supply - R3,983.66

Available at: www.regrowz.co.za

Contact us at Customer Support on email: admin@regrowz.co.za

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