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Goldwell Global Zoom 2017 Report Back

Goldwell’s annual Color Zoom Challenge gives stylists worldwide the chance to submit photographic work and win top honours, including a trip overseas, and a chance to represent South Africa on the global stage. The competition is easy to enter, and every year a different trend forms the inspiration for the looks.

South African winners in the New Talent and Creative Colorist categories travel internationally with their models, to enjoy being part of the most incredible international event! But it’s not only the competition... attending Global Zoom is the experience of a lifetime, including top quality education, fabulous shows, amazing innovations, and networking with leading stylists from all over the world.

This year, Bernadine Malan and Salome de Wet travelled to Barcelona with Goldwell’s Craig Hopkins. Bernadine's fiancée and 2nd place winner India Choo travelled with the team to experience Global Zoom. Next year - it could be you on the international stage in Toronto! Watch out for information on Color Zoom 2018, the new trend, and how to enter!

Enjoy our Hairnews Highlights video, including an interview with Craig and Bernadine, and some footage from this incredible event.

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