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Silver-Smoky Makeover by Michelle Whittal, Studio III Hair

What do you do when your client comes to the salon with a head full of broken, damaged hair?

You get her permission to cut it off and create a truly breathtaking, fashionable transformation!

Mickey had major chemical breakage from a previous blonding process. We advised we go short and start again as the hair was broken off at about 4cm around her fringe area. Fortunately Mickey was super excited and open to have a makeover.

First we restyled by cutting off all the length. We decided to go for a short pixie type cut. We then used Paul Mitchell The Color 6PN +7PN on her root area to tone away the orange undertone and deliver some depth. Then we applied Paul Mitchell POP XG steel through the ends to tone her to a smoky silver tips to add some texture. We used this mild colour as to avoid any further chemical damage to her hair.

We love the outcome and Mickey is thrilled with her new look :)

Studio III Hair Design, The Stables Village Market, Chartwell. 082 281 6392

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