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Carlton Hair South Africa - Collection "Handwerk"

The Carlton Hair Creative Team have launched a stunning style collection, Handwerk.

7 Master Stylists including Christilene Erasmus Bush (Creative Director), Alex Mayer, Cindy Gorman, Johan Pretorius, Kim Hickman, Ronel van Vollenhoven and Ryan Bush, from Carlton Hair salons across South Africa, collaborated for this collection inspired by the re-emergence of the artisan and his hand-made craft.

“With this collection, we want to pay homage to all handcrafting industries – artisans using skills passed down from generation to generation, keeping the craft alive,” Christilene explains. “The hairstyling industry is one of the very few artisan professions left. Hairstyling can’t be copied or replaced by a machine or a production line, because a machine can’t create what a hairstylist must create each day. It cannot craft a new sculpture each day, with a detailed and personal approach, tailor-making each sculpture as per the individual’s request. This job still lies with the “handwerker”.”

Cuts: Comfortable and fuss-free, the tailor made shapes embrace the hair’s natural texture.

Colours: Inspired by the concept of warmth and cosiness, a spectrum of shades from golden blondes to fiery reds transform from dark to light, or light to dark. The shades are earthy, moody and iridescent.

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