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Stop Press - Twincare Launches Split-Ender Pro - Amazing Industry Innovation!

The Split-Ender Pro is a revolutionary machine that will mesmerise your clients and allow you to offer a totally new, exciting salon service.

The Split-Ender Pro safely and efficiently removes split ends from the hair without reducing its length. It instantly leaves hair looking healthy and shiny, without those telltale flyaways.

It is an absolute must for clients who:

Use heat styling tools regularly

Have regular chemical treatments

Have environmentally damaged hair

Sometimes skip trims

Are trying to grow their hair

Use styling products like gels, waxes or sprays

This machine is not only astonishingly effective, it is also a real talking point, and something that clients will request if they see the service being done. It’s also a service that your less experienced salon staff can perform once they have been trained on its use.

Add the Split-Ender Pro service to your salon menu today and reap the benefits!

Call Twincare on 011 305 1600 or email info@twincare.co.za to order this phenomenal new tool!

Watch: Here’s a demo of how to use the amazing Split-Ender Pro, and the results it offers!

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